The Firm

CentryStone Group

CentryStone is Atlanta-based, we focus on a full-service mindset that includes real estate investment, short-term rental, property management including commercial office buildings, residents, and retail properties. We develop and invest in a commercial and residential area with the most growth potential and provide affordable housing recommendations.

At Centrystone, we value your business. Centrystone focus on a full professional and trustworthy service and accounting for every little thing to reduce headaches acquired. We believe in a professional attitude, integrity, and commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

The Principles that Matter Most

Accountability • Excellence • Integrity • Teamwork • Entrepreneurship

Everything we do is guided by these principles, which define our character and culture; they have been at the core of Blackstone since its inception. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct. They are a fundamental strength of our business.

The CentryStone Difference

Value-added Winning Formula​
  • We purchase at attractive valuation
  • We network and target experience operators
  • We reduce investor capital risks
  • We align operator and investor interests
  • We put money at where the strategies are

Business Strategy


We run detailed due diligence of operators

We support our partners with our resources


We use market and property data for fair valuation

We monitor economic trend for better strategy making


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"We exist to inspire people to overcome difficulty and invest in what’s possible."
Kelly Shen
President & CEO

What People Are Saying

A few years back I got to know Kelly when she was on road for promoting her real estate project. Her professionalism and expertise along with her openness and sincerity earned my trust. since then I have invested in multiple projects with her and so far she has delivered expected returns on all my completed projects. Kelly is truly a woman of her words,I wish her and her company Centry Stone continued successes and delivery max returns for investors.
Investor, Atlanta GA
Kelly has always been the most sincere and transparent with her investors. Through medium such as group chats, videos, emails and online meetings, she and her associates at CentryStone provide constant updates on the newest development of their projects. CentryStone management team utilizes decades of combined real estate expertise to control risk and improve efficiency, and often provides tiers of investment options so that you can always find something fitting your style. I wish them great success.
Investor, Atlanta, GA
I am an investor from Indiana. Three years ago, I had an opportunity to meet with Kelly and core team members in Atlanta. Afterwards, I did some research on her company and projects. As a conservative investor, I found the no risk and low risk projects met my need, I never need to worry loss of my principals and still with nice return. Kelly and her team had provided in a timely reply whenever I need reach them. So fortunate to be connected with Kelly and the company, best wishes to her and the company.
I've known Kelly for 6-7 years and over the years I invested in more than ten of her projects. About half of these projects have ended and generated good returns. None of the them lost money. I think there are three layers of risk in real estate investing. The first is character risk - in another words, is this person telling me the truth. Is this a Ponzi Scheme? Based on my years of experience with Kelly, I have 100% trust in her personal integrity. The second layer is project risk. From project selection, loan application, closing, project management, personnel management, to project exit - problems could come from anywhere, and there are risks involved in resolving all of these issues. I think these project-level risks could be controlled, but never reduced to zero. From my years of interactions with Kelly, I could see her passion in real estate investing, and I believe she could do better than most people in this field. The last layer of risk is the general market risk. We've all experienced stock market and real estate market meltdowns - there's no need to say too much. I personal believe as long as we are in the market, this layer of risk is uncontrollable. Therefore any investment, including real estate investment, including investment in Kelly's projects, all have risks, especially short term mark-to-market valuation risk. We should be aware of that.
Jack Zhou
Investor, Maryland
As one of the early investors since 2015, I witnessed the exponential growth in Kelly and her Real Estate investment profolio. I delegated a big chunk of my lifetime savings to Kelly to invest in Real Estate projects, and she did not disappoint me. Along with other investors, I’m very grateful of the exceptional investment returns generated by Kelly. During all these years, Kelly has accumulated extensive investment experience and success in the Real Estate investment market. She is proven capable of handling a board variety of projects ranging from apartments, commercial Real Estate, medical buildings, shopping centers, hotels, storage and even farm land. Personally, Kelly is a very sincere, reliable, straightforward yet humble person who always put her shareholders’ interest first. She is also a super mom of 4 amazing kids which is truly impressive. I’m very confident that Kelly and her company CentryStone will continue to provide excellent investment returns for their investors. I’m all in for what they offer.
Investor, New York
Investing in a company, the first and foremost importance are investing in the founder and management team of the company. Kelly, the founder of CentryStone, has demonstrated the special abilities of outstanding entrepreneurs in the past few years with keen market insight, sound risk appetite, and decisive decision-making power. These abilities are fully reflected in her past entrepreneurial experience and business achievements. More importantly, she and her management team always treat investors with sincerity, transparency, and disclosure of all aspects of risk of the project, and provide a variety of investment options. For many years, from our own experience, Kelly is a trustworthy person.
Mr. Lin